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Support Your Local Nonprofit With These 5 Holiday Charity Ideas!

The holiday season is a wonderful time to look for holiday charity ideas so that you can help someone in need.

And if you're looking for some of the best holiday charities, look no further than your local area.

Choose a cause you feel most passionate about and reach out to help those in your community. While you can give monetary donations, there are other creative ways to give. Here, we'll cover cash gifts and four creative ways to assist the most vulnerable people in your community.

1. Donate New and Gently Used Items You No Longer Want

Many nonprofits need new and gently used items. For example, recovery and transitional living organizations like ours is a great example. Nonprofits like this often need food, furniture, cookware, bedding, and other basic housing and personal care items. Remember to ask the nonprofit if they have a list of their most needed items.

2. Donate Your Time by Volunteering

The holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year but volunteering your skills and time is doable. Many people prefer this way to give back during the holidays. If this sounds like you, contact a local nonprofit and ask them if they need your skills or time.

8 holiday charity ideas in this category might be:

  1. Accounting or legal advice

  2. Building maintenance or improvement

  3. Writing a newsletter or social media graphics

  4. Cleaning

  5. Organizing fundraisers or donation drives

  6. Administration and office work

  7. Pickups and deliveries

  8. Website development

3. Donate Your Social Media Shares or Platform

Help spread the word about your chosen local nonprofit by conducting your own media campaign. A campaign is simple. It just means you commit to engaging daily and commenting, sharing, or liking their posts for a specific number of days. Your number of days could be 5,7,14, or even an entire month! The more you share, the more you help these organizations attract awareness and support.

4. Donate Your "Network"

Are you well-connected?

If so, this might be an excellent holiday charity idea for you. Reach out to the organization and ask them if they need help creating or building specific, strategic relationships. Then, mine your network for the right people to help and reach out. Be a bridge of connection.

5. Donate Money

Of course, you can always donate money to a worthy cause. All you have to do is find out how the organization receives donations.

You can also donate by purchasing other items as well. For example, find out if the organization has partnered with Amazon Smile or a local grocery store chain to receive donations when you purchase from those places.

Holiday Donations Near Me: Help People Struggling With Homelessness and Substance Use Inglewood, California

Love Home is a recovery and transitional living nonprofit helping the homeless. Zina Love started it in 2014 as a result of her own experience with homelessness and substance use. Zina now has a Master's Degree and commits her life to helping vulnerable people in need. Contact Love Home to see how you could support the homeless this holiday.

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