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About Us

Love Home Inc. is a nonprofit community-based organization working in collaboration with government agencies, community-based organizations, businesses, and individual philanthropists to better serve and assist people in need.

We provide interim, shared supportive housing for low-income, disadvantaged, and underrepresented males and females in Los Angeles County. Many suffer from single or co-occurring mental disorders such as PTSD, depression, substance use, alcoholism, and chronic homelessness. Others are formerly incarcerated and striving to re-enter society. We call the people who live in our homes, our Guests.

The Love Home housing program serves the Los Angeles County area with six homes in Los Angeles and two in Long Beach. We work with government agencies and community-based organizations to deliver quality housing that supports each of our guests. As part of their Continuum of Care, Love Home provides the safe, clean, structured, and stable environment our guests need so they can focus on their recovery, their well-being, and ultimately their return to independent living in permanent housing.

Although Love Home does not provide clinical treatment or detoxification services, we do care about the well being of our Guests. We assist our Guests with continuous support that benefits their life which includes: helping with living arrangements (temporary and permanent); applying for government services and Social Security benefits; and connecting guests to mental health services, support groups, child care services, children welfare, parole/probation, case management, domestic violence/anger management, school enrollment, and more.

At Love Home, we take pride in helping each individual to meet their needs for a productive life.

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