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Residential Security Manager

Updated: Oct 22, 2020


The Residential Security Monitor is responsible for the general safety of the housing

participants and onsite staff in our Housing Program. This position may be assigned to one

or more programs that operate under sobriety or the harm reduction approach. This position

ensures the safety, security and order for the daily operations of the residence during

assigned shift. This position works closely with management and other staff to ensure that

the compatibility and integrity of the program(s) are upheld.

This position also supports other Love Home staff to ensure compliance with Love Home Inc.

standards, any contractual requirements to which Love Home Inc. may be obliged, and all

applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Location: Residential Housing, Los Angeles, CA

Key Responsibilities:

• Serve as a role model for all housing participants within the location.

• Consistently communicate with Love Home staff about issues involving housing

participants and other issues that may present themselves.

• Report any accidents or emergencies to management immediately.

• Conduct periodic walk-throughs during assigned shift and record damage, safety

concerns, unlocked doors, etc.

• Monitor surveillance system cameras.

• Control access into location to housing participants, guests, and vendors only.

• Ensure that housing participants and guests sign in and out using log book.

• Utilize smart phone or similar device to maintain a daily activity report and create

incident report and/or facility maintenance report.

• Support day-to-day services of housing participants.

• Support adults with mental disorders/substance use.

• Assist with answering the phone and directing callers to the appropriate person.

• Assist with the upkeep of the interior and exterior of the location.

• Assist staff with housing participants supervision and service delivery.

• Assist with meals.

• Ensure housing participants are safely monitored.

• Assure Incident Reports are reported and recorded.

• Assure adherence to all House Rules, safety and health rules and regulations.

• Record daily work log for next shift.

• Assist management and staff in supervision during daily activities.

• Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with housing participants and staff.

• Respond to housing participants requests in a professional and courteous manner.

• Observe and adhere to confidentiality standards.

• Assist in coordination of daily program activities.

• Assure that all emergency needs of housing participants are met, report incidents as


• Respond appropriately to emergencies including contacting appropriate staff and

supervisor(s), interacting with police, fire, and medical personnel as needed.

• Other tasks as assigned by the program management.


• Demonstrate respect for cultural/lifestyle diversities of housing participants and staff.

Job Description: Residential Security Monitor

• Experience in working with diverse populations.

• Minimum of six-months experience working with Mental Health and Substance Abuse

in a residential setting.

• Ability to use a two-way hand-held radio to communicate.

• Clerical skills and computer proficiency including using Microsoft Office and sending


• Good writing, communication skills, legible and neat handwriting.

• Strong organizational and record keeping skills.

• A minimum of one-year sobriety if recovering.

• Clean driving record required if driving is a requirement.

• Ability to work independently and cooperatively as a member of a professional team.

• Ability to speak with housing participants in an instructive, directive, firm, and

compassionate manner.

• Ability to speak, read, and write in English.

• Must have a positive attitude and a desire to provide compassionate care.

• Knowledge of social, healthcare, supportive and other resources available for

formerly incarcerated, low-income, no-income, and special needs populations.

• Ability to set strong boundaries.

• No probation/parole (LiveScan may be required).

Working Conditions:

• Approximately 20 - 40 hours per week.

• May involve evenings and weekends.

• May involve interaction with challenging persons.

• Ability to work indoors and outdoors (i.e. security rounds, supplies transportation).

Physical Requirements

• Able to lift up to 100 pounds.

• Frequent walking and climbing stairs.

• Able to bend.

Additional Requirements

• Must pass LiveScan background check, if applicable.

• Must have current CPR and first aid training (must be kept current).

• Must have current TB test (must be kept current).

• Must have minimum one (1) year clean.

• Must submit to random UA testing.

• CA Guard Card is a plus.

• 1+ years security experience required.

• Must be available holidays and weekends.

Support: Training for this position will be provided. In addition, the CEO, Head of

Operations, or delegate will be available for questions and assistance.

Direct Reports

List by job title any positions to be supervised by the incumbent: None

Dress Code: Business Casual

Pay: TBD Apply Now: Email

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