Love Home Inc.

"Helping Those Who Want
to Heal and Survive 
from Their Circumstance"

The Love Home Story

     From her own experiences, Ms. Zina Love saw a need for a supportive home environment; one that would better foster and nurture an individual’s recovery; one that would empower the individual to achieve higher success in an alcohol and drug-free life; one that would help the individual regain self sufficiency and/or transition to permanent independent living arrangements. Ms. Love also saw the benefits of this supportive environment as a compliment and expansion of already existing community services, especially to ease an individual’s transition in the recovery process. Simply put: she concluded, "There's got to be a better way."

     Ms. Love started with a solid foundation – her firm belief in the power of a strong, supportive home environment and the healing that can derive from such an environment will lead to greater success for individuals as they work towards their return to self sustainability, independence, and permanent housing. Added to the foundation is the structure that comes with clean and sober living.

     Testament to this is Ms. Love’s own life story as she worked through her recovery while simultaneously dedicating herself to helping others, working, and attending school. Love Home is just one of the means by which Ms. Love contributes back to the community and “Pays-It-Forward” for those in need.

     In June 2014, Ms. Love’s vision came to be – she founded Love Home Inc. With the opening of the first location in Los Angeles, she welcomed women to become Love Home Guests.

     In early 2015, after receiving multiple calls for housing and support and already having the first location filled with Guests, Ms. Love and the Board responded by opening the doors of the second Guest Home.

     In March 2017, Love Home opened two homes in Los Angeles for men.

     In May 2018, Love Home opened its first single family home in Los Angeles for women.
     In November 2018, Love Home opened two locations in Long Beach for women.

     To date, Love Home Inc. provides temporary, shared supportive housing accommodations and services in the Los Angeles area for up to 48 women and 30 men in a non-coed environment.